Work Space Tips That Can Lead to Better Productivity

Work SpaceWe at Burketts continue to ask, “what does the perfect office work space look like?”

Is it made up of row upon row of identical cubicles with little worker bees tapping away on their keyboards? Or is it a creative space with room to move, comfortable chairs and lots of natural light? The latter answer should have more appeal to the modern professional. The good news is that many contemporary workplaces are beginning to see the light as well, shifting to office designs that make you feel good to be there.

So what does this outstanding new office of the future look like? For one thing, it’s built with the employee’s needs in mind. It used to be that a copywriter, a graphic designer and the CEO all had the same basic work space: desk, chair, computer (the CEO’s being a bit larger and nicer, of course). In the modern office, the work space of the copywriter might look completely different than that of the graphic designer or the CEO given their widely varying needs.

These new office spaces are also built for collaboration. Tiny cubicles and stiff conference rooms don’t do much to inspire innovation, do they? Great collaboration might happen at a conference table, but it also might happen while sitting around in easy chairs or on bar stools. Office designers are now creating unique work spaces with these varied environments in mind.

When you’re ready to take your office environment to the next level, Burketts Office Furnishings can help.

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