Go Greener with Burkett’s.

Go Greener at Work

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle …


It’s Easy Being Green


You recycle paper, glass, and aluminum at home, but what can you do to be kinder to the Earth at the office? Plenty. We’ve identified a few  simple ways to make workplace greener.


  • Buy recycled products: From printer paper and Post-it Notes to calendars and pens, using recycled products can result in lower waste by keeping paper out of landfills.


  • Repair the air: Use nontoxic cleaning products when you tidy your desk and other work areas and, if powers-that-be allow it, keep a plant in your office to absorb indoor air pollution.


  • Think before you print:  Before you hit the “Print” button, consider sending a document digitally. If you really need a hard copy, make it a habit to print double-sided or use old documents as scrap paper before recycling.


  • Lunch Smart: Invest in a reusable lunch bag for meals you eat at work and bring your own mug for your morning coffee. Consider having a communal water pitcher with filtered water handy to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.



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