Stand up and Stretch


Stand up and Stretch!

Sitting for too many hours is bad for our health (for a whole slew of reasons – obesity, heart disease, diabetes). Here are some tips you may want to incorporate into your daily routine at the office:


  • Stand once an hour.
  • Stand while you take a phone call.
  • Stand up to visit the file cabinet instead of rolling your chair.
  • Take the Stairs
  • Walk over and talk to a coworker instead of emailing them.
  • Take the scenic route to the bathroom instead of the most direct.
  • March in place for twenty seconds.
  • Stretch
  • Wander around and pick up or reorganize for the last twenty seconds (eventually your desk area may even be clean)
  • Park near the back of the parking lot.
  • Get about 30 minutes of activity per day.
  • Inquire about height adjustable workstations


Now give yourself permission to take a quick break, get up and get moving. It’s for your health and your sanity!

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